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Become a model


Become a model

If you'd like to apply for a model, you should first check if you have what it takes:

Age: 13 - 23 years
Height: 172 - 182 cm

Age: 16 - 26 years
Height: 183 - 194 cm

If you are already working as a model, dont look at the requirements above, just send us in that case a minibook and a few snapshots.

Girls and boys should have a healthy, slim figure and the predisposition to slimness. It is also important that you have a beautiful skin, hair and healthy teeth. You should also be able to travel.

Please take pictures without makeup in daylight or in a well-lit room. Thank you.

1x Headshot head to camera (1x hair open)
Tied up 2x profile or semi-profile with hair in a ponytail
1x laughing Photo (with teeth)
1x full body photo with bikini or boxer shorts

Professional Photos are NOT required, take snapshots with your digital camera, thats just fine! Please note that your application is not binding on us and we can therefore only reply with a positive response due to the large number of applications. Applications by post will, if not addressed return reply envelope is included, not be returned. Apply now directly via Email.

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